Local Advertising Opportunity for Service Providers

A new Google advertising unit for local service providers is expanding to over thirty US markets. Local Services Ads by Google (LSAs) was introduced to seventeen markets last year and is expanding quickly to help local service providers, such as plumbers, lawn care professionals, and housekeeping businesses, attract customers. Unlike previous Google advertisement units, google local services ads will save business owners money over pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements. The format is a pay-per-lead service, which means owners only pay for the advertisement when a customer contacts the business as a direct result of the LSA.

How Ads are Displayed

The local services ads are placed at the top of the results page when local customers are searching for businesses. Keywords for a local carpet cleaning company are entered into the Google search engine, for example. At the top of the page, the highest-ranking local service ads will include the business name, contact information, and hours of operation. Customers can click on one of those advertisements instead of browsing the page and selecting among those companies.


The newer advertising units do have stricter requirements than PPC units. The business must be properly licensed in the state, have valid business insurance, and fall into one of the thirty-plus categories. Some of those categories include general contractors, painters, roofers, pest control professionals, tutors, and event planners. It is important to note that preference will be given to Google Guaranteed businesses.

What is Google Guaranteed?

This is a distinction for local businesses that meet Google standards for reliability and service. Once a business owner applies for LSAs, the business license and insurance are verified. Beyond that, Google also runs background checks on the business employees to ensure no red flags are raised. If the business passes certification, a Google Guaranteed badge is displayed on all the ads for that business.

In addition to looking impressive, the guarantee covers customer refund requests for up to two-thousand dollars for work booked through LSAs. Customers are more likely to have confidence in a guaranteed business and will also have peace of mind when receiving services. Not every business will display the badge, which is outlined in red and includes a green check mark. Certification as a guaranteed business will not be overlooked by browsers.

Digital Marketing Components

These advertisement units are a great compliment to a complete digital marketing strategy. Emails, social media pages, the ability to send text messages, and reports to help owners make sense of it all require a single messaging platform, such as Podium, to keep track of success. Individual components are more powerful when they are measured and viewed together as a strategy.


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